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Award winner Shakir Ahmad - A Spiritual Healer, also known as ShaGuru - The Energy Master, Born in India to a Muslim legislative Family, all his childhood he lived in a 300 year old palace where he experienced innumerable mystic incidents all his childhood. With these experiences he longed for knowledge, he undertook careful studies of the scriptures of Islam and Hinduism. This journey ultimately led him to higher path of spirituality. Quitting his IAS career he started...


GoldenYog Meditation & Healing Centre is an Unique Centre, Where we teach about the power of Body, Mind & Soul and its Energies. We all work with one infinite power, that is Energy. Everything in this universe is made up of Energy.... Even us. We are like Magnets and Energy attracts Energy. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting it into your Life. In this universe there are two types of Energies, Positive Energy & Negative Energy. In our Daily Life because of Negative Energy we face many problems which can be removed using small and quick positive techniques.


Our ancestors lived for more than hundred years, Medical Science to wasn't developed then as now yet they lead a healthy life, this was possible due to healing they not only spiritually Healed themselves but also energized their family, relationships, houses work/business by removing negativity from them. ShaGuru removes negativity and heals using Positive Cosmic Energy.


In our daily life we meet many negative people, we visit many Negative places, also most of the times we think Negative due to which our Aura get Negative. Hence it becomes necessary to remove this negativity which unknowingly attracts more negativity into life. In Negativity Cleansing sessions, we use methods and techniques to help you get rid of this existing Negativity.


With a wide choice of Holistic, spiritual and alternative therapy courses on hand for you today regardless is these Holistic subject are new to you or you are already working and practicing as a professional Holistic or complementary therapist and now you wish to expand your knowledge ShaGuru is offering many number of trainings covering leading and spiritual methods.

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You would have noticed that many people work hard yet don't not achieve success, but some people attain success very easily without much difficulty, this is because they know the power of sub conscious mind, which they use for their success, in our seminar, Sha Guru teaches the power of Mind, and how life works and how we are designed.


Counselling teaches problem solving skills such as how to overcome negative beliefs. Life coach Sha Guru's counselling helps people learn to cope better and developed a more optimistic perspective through taking actions that enable them to feel self empowered. Counselling is available in person (meeting) by Phone are by Skype video worldwide.

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Award winner ShaGuru also known as the Energy Master is the founder of Manthan Institute, Since 7 years ShaGuru has been researching on the science & secrets of Energies.

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