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Cleansing Sessions

Most of us are either stressed, upset, tensed, angry or depressed, we are not happy about lives

Hard Work but No Money

Have Talent but No Success

Studies Well but No pass

Have Money but No Happiness

Eat Well but No Health

Good Care but No love

All these happens because there is some lack of positive energy or presence of negative energy in life.


Negativity Cleansing

16 - 21 June 2020

In our daily life we meet many negative people, while interacting with them we tend to exchange our energies, their energy starts affecting our Aura, damaging it. Similarly...


Home Cleansing

July 2020

When there are lot of quarrels, gossips and negative actions happening in the house a huge amount of negative energy is collected in the house. people who...


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Award winner ShaGuru also known as the Energy Master is the founder of Manthan Institute, Since 7 years ShaGuru has been researching on the science & secrets of Energies.

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