Allopathic science is based on physical structural science & spiritual science is based on the Chakras & Aura. Aura is an electromagnetic field inside & outside the body. Aura Photography is the Science where we can see our Chakras and we can see the Energy field around us. Just as a X-ray report helps a doctor understand better, aura report helps a healer understand the aura condition better.

Aura Scanning

See your spiritual body and energy.

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Aura Cleansing


Aura is an energy field surrounded around the human body. The Aura consists of seven colours, the strength of the belt of each colour varies human to human. The strength of every colour represents the various energy levels of our body. It is important for all colours to be balanced. If the colours are dull or broken it represents serious problems. External and internal negativity also affects the aura. A negative Aura, a damaged Aura or even a shrunk Aura must be repaired at the earliest to avoid any further obstacles.

Pay Now 700/- INR

inclusive of all taxes



Have you ever noticed worship places such as Temples, Churches, Mosques or Gurudwaras are never constructed according to Vaastu Shastra, yet we feel the Positive Energy in them because of Positive Energy. Why don’t we feel Positive Energy in our house ? Sometimes when we are away from house we feel happiness but as we enter in our house we get angry & become irritated. Why? That is because we think Positive and Negative in our house, when we think more Negative our brain produces Negative - Energies which gets collected in our house, and as we enter into our house those Negative Energies gets connected with our Energy, which leads to our negative behaviour.Thus it is necessary to remove Negative - Energy from our house.

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Why do some students score lesser marks and some students score better marks, despite their books, teachers and school being the same ? Some students study for months and scores less marks and some students studies only for a week get good marks. Why ? What is the reason that the student forgets his lessons during the examination ? Why is it so hard to concentrate on studies ? We think that they are less intelligent but the reasons behind these are family problems, too much pressure, comparison, wrong association of friends, addictions, loneliness, guilt, which builds up blockages in the mind that produces Negativity. Thus it becomes necessary to first clear these collected blockages from their minds to put in new data

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A company that has many employees who work really hard, are unable to achieve their targets. What is the reason behind it ? A Company, in spite of having proper resources does not progress due to the Negative Energies collected at the work place. Every person carries a particular Energy with them, it can be Positive or Negative. Too much people with Negative Energy brings Negative results, hence it becomes important to remove these Negative Energies from their Minds, Bodies and Working Place.

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You must have always wondered.... ‘I always pray more to God than others yet my prayers are not accepted, I visit the worship places daily yet I am in Trouble’ whereas another person who is not a devotee, prays for a very little time, his prayers are being accepted and his desires are been fulfilled what is the reason behind it ? The answer to it is correct ‘ENERGY’. Whenever our ENERGY is collided with a prayer or curse then it becomes more effective and is surely fulfilled.

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