MASTER SHAMAN - The Energy Master

Life Coach and Spiritual Healer

Counselling teaches problem solving skills such as how to overcome negative beliefs. Life coach Sha Guru's counselling helps people learn to cope better and developed a more optimistic perspective through taking actions that enable them to feel self empowered. Counselling is available in person (meeting) by Phone are by Skype video worldwide.

Online Counseling : WhatsApp/Zoom

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You can invite to Master Shaman in your Institute, School, College, Company & Trust for physical, Mental, Financial & Spiritual grouth Talk. BOOK NOW


With a wide choice of Holistic, spiritual and alternative therapy courses on hand for you today regardless is these Holistic subject are new to you or you are already working and practicing as a professional Holistic or complementary therapist and now you wish to expand your knowledge Master Shaman is offering many number of trainings covering leading and spiritual methods. BOOK NOW

Life Manthan

Our ancestors lived for more than hundred years, Medical Science to wasn't developed then as now yet they lead a healthy life, this was possible due to healing they not only spiritually Healed themselves but also energized their family, relationships, houses work/business by removing negativity from them. Master removes negativity and heals using Positive Cosmic Energy. BOOK NOW

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