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We all have our own fights. These fights/struggles can be with ourselves or/and with people around us. Counseling is an important means through which one can identify the reason behind these struggles and become well prepared to overcome them. Like a warrior prepares to win a battle, counseling helps one to face their struggles more effectively. There is an unexplored side that we all have within us. Counseling helps us to reach out to that side. Sometimes you just need guidance and confirmation, some others you need to know more details about a specific matter. Life Coach ShaGuru counseling helps people learn to cope better and develop a more optimistic perspective through taking actions that enable them to feel self-empowered, Counseling is available in person (meeting), by Phone, or by Skype Video worldwide.

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Award winner ShaGuru also known as the Energy Master is the founder of Manthan Institute, Since 7 years ShaGuru has been researching on the science & secrets of Energies.

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