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Award winner Shakir Ahmad - A Spiritual Healer, also known as Sha Guru - The Energy Master,
Born in India to a Muslim legislative Family, all his childhood he lived in a 300 year old palace where he experienced innumerable mystic incidents all his childhood.
With these experiences he longed for knowledge, he undertook careful studies of the scriptures of Islam and Hinduism. This journey ultimately led him to higher path of spirituality. Quitting his IAS career he started exploring and researching for long, finding the ancient science, secrets and techniques of spirituality. He is a expert master in energy science, his healing and teaching of japva symbols are popular internationally. His outlook is non sectarian and many who come from different religious backgrounds have found benefits in his words. Today having healed thousands of people using spiritual method and having large followers Shakir Ahmad have been honoured with the title of 'Guru' by them.
Sha Guru is the founder of GoldenYog Meditation & Healing Centre, he has been a practitioner of Alternative Therapies since 7years, all these years he has also been researching on the science and secrets of Energies. Sha Guru is an International Healer, also a highly skilled motivational speaker, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Healer & Mind Programmer who has designed and delivered numerous seminars and workshops on Personal, Professional and Spiritual Life Development.

Being The Chief Editor of National Monthly Magazine “Consumer Power”, Sha Guru created awareness among the Public is regarding the social, Political, Economical issues of the Society. He is also a member of Indian Motion Picture Producer Association and The film Writer’s Association. He is the Founder and President of Alternative Therapists and Trainers Association (ATTA) .

Sha Guru’s teachings are also known among the Corporate Sectors, Adolescent and Adult Rehabilitation Centers,Social Welfare Department, NGO’s, Non-Government Organization and Governmental organizations. Sha Guru is on a mission to enlighten people by providing knowledge and wisdom about the immense and immeasurable power of mind.

About GoldenYog

GoldenYog Centre offers various course concentrating on the Physical, Mental and Spiritual upliftment of an individual. From Personal, Professional courses that will assist you to tackle down issues faced in daily life struggles like Anger, Confidence, Speech, Emotional Traumas, Physical Diseases to Spiritual course that will handle Negativity, Positivity and Energies one can find all under one roof. GoldenYog Centre also provide intoxicating Retreats, Seminars and Workshops led by The Energy Master - Sha Guru.

Sha Guru takes a group of most sincere and wholehearted souls who aspire for a positive upliftment of their lives.These joyous, holy, blissful and blessed retreat will help you arise in every aspect and every segment of your life. These retreats are based not on any religion but completely on teachings and tools are applicable to all.

GoldenYog Centre is a Meditation, Hypnotism & Reiki Healing Centre, Where we teach about the power of mind and its Energies. We all work with one infinite power, that is Energy. Everything in this universe is made up of Energy.... Even us. We are like Magnets and Energy attracts Energy. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting it into your Life.

In this universe there are two types of Energies, Positive Energy & Negative Energy.

In our Daily Life because of Negative Energy we face many problems which can be removed using small and quick positive techniques.

Our Vision

To encourage & inspire people to become positive by having a positive attitude and approch in their daily lives.

Our Mission

To deliver superior quality of life to the communities we serve, sharing a trustworthy and long - standing relationship with the clients.



“International Spiritual & Hindu Mythology Awareness Award Mumbai-2013” HONOURS for “Master Trainer in Life Programmming”.


“World Alternative Therapy Recognition & Fellowship Awards-2014” HONOURS for “Hypnosis”.


301, NBC Complex, Sector 11,
CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra, India. 400614
P : +91-9867772848
P : 022-65653348
Email :  info.goldenyog@gmail.com

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Award winner ShaGuru also known as the Energy Master is the founder of Manthan Institute, Since 7 years ShaGuru has been researching on the science & secrets of Energies.

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