MASTER SHAMAN -The Energy Master

Life Coach & Spiritual Healer

Award winner Master Shaman - A Spiritual Healer, also known as ShaGuru - The Energy Master, Born in India to a Muslim legislative Family, all his childhood he lived in a 300 year old palace where he experienced innumerable mystic incidents all his childhood. With these experiences he longed for knowledge, he undertook careful studies of the scriptures of Islam and Hinduism. This journey ultimately led him to higher path of spirituality. Quitting his IAS career he started...


GoldenYog Foundation is an Unique Centre, Where we teach about the power of Body, Mind & Soul and its Energies. We all work with one infinite power, that is Energy. Everything in this universe is made up of Energy.... Even us. We are like Magnets and Energy attracts Energy. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting it into your Life. In this universe there are two types of Energies, Positive Energy & Negative Energy. In our Daily Life because of Negative Energy we face many problems which can be removed using small and quick positive techniques.


In our daily life we meet many negative people, we visit many Negative places, also most of the times we think Negative due to which our Aura get Negative. Hence it becomes necessary to remove this negativity which unknowingly attracts more negativity into life. In MANTHAN sessions, we use methods and techniques to help you get rid of this existing Negativity. Manthan

Self Manthan

Self Manthan is a program curated by Master Shaman for Advocates, Doctors, Students, Teachers, Businessmen, Broken Hearts, Pregnant women, Teenagers, Policemen, Politicians, Divorcees and Prolonged Diseased patients for their betterment. This SELF MANTHAN program work on the mental level, physical level and spiritual level for an overall upliftment. Self Manthan

Life Manthan

Human life is based on three factors Body, Mind and Soul. An average human takes good care of the body by giving the best of diets, exercising and sleeping. He also looks after his mind by taking entertaining breaks and relaxations, for the soul he contributes by involving in spiritual and religious activities. Even after doing all the mentioned yet most people face problems, Life Manthan


In our life, people, atmosphere, situations many things leave their negative impacts on us. It is necessary to be aware of the level of positivity and negativity in our Aura, which must be cleansed frequently. In Shuddikaran, an individual can Scan their Aura and understand the level of energy; heal the Aura by removing negativity & treat the Aura by Energising. Shuddhikaran

Shaman Sadhna

Realizing your Spiritual unfolding. Understanding your vibrational frequencies, developing higher consciousness. Providing patterns, practicals and teachings that release internal, external and spiritual blockages. Re-programming your conditioned performances, conditioned thoughts and restricting outgoing Negative thoughts. Shaman Sadhna

Life Changing Videos

Most videos of Master Shaman gives an immense amount of positive vibrations that will energise your Body, Mind and Soul and there are many videos with quality knowledge which will be help you reach your spiritual goals.

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